Grievance Procedure

Complaint Policies & Procedures

If something happened at the office that upset you, talk to us. We will listen to you and check into it. We will talk to our staff and, we’ll get back to you. Here’s what you can do:

Procedure for ECHO Clients

  1. If you are unhappy, fill out a complaint form below, or download a PDF version and return it to us.
  2. The Executive Director will contact you to discuss the grievance.
  3. If you are not satisfied after talking to the Executive Director, we will call an ECHO Board member to set up an appointment to talk to you privately.
  4. The officer will read the complaint, listen to you, and talk to you about it.
  5. The officer will check with staff about what happened, usually by calling them in at some point during the meeting with you.
  6. Written notice of the final decision will be given, or mailed, to you.
  7. Even if you were happy after talking to someone, your complaint form will be filed, so that the Executive Committee knows you had a complaint.

Procedure for Pastors, Board Members, Agencies, etc.

  1. Call and talk to the Executive Director.
    1. After considering the information shared with you, you may agree with the action that was taken, or you may suggest a solution.
    2. If the Executive Director agrees, she or the staff will see the client again and make the change.
  2. If you are unhappy with the outcome, fill out the complaint form below, or download a PDF version.
    1. You can call any ECHO Officer, or mail them the form. Either way, they will want to have a record of your complaint.
    2. Staff will provide you with phone numbers or addresses, if you need them.
  3. If you are unhappy with that outcome, you may address the Executive Committee.
  4. The officer, Executive Committee, or Board may do one or more of the following:
    1. Make a different decision than what was previously made.
    2. Explain why they agree with the decision made.
    3. Consider the incident in evaluating ECHO programs.
    4. Consider the incident in evaluating staff job performance.
    5. Talk to the client, or other complainant, if staff was treated abusively.

ECHO Complaint Form

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