Emergency Rent Assistance

Rent assistance is available in emergency situations only

ECHO receives some government grant funding to assist with rent payments for residents of Rock County. You must have proof of how you got behind and/or why you need assistance.

What types of assistance are available?

This program can pay up to one month’s rent. If you do not qualify for the government grants, we can sometimes use donated funds to pay your rent.

Donated funds run out quickly, so we cannot guarantee assistance. You must prove that you can afford your place after ECHO helps and afford any remaining balance that ECHO can’t pay.

ECHO does help with security deposits, instead of rent, for those on Section 8 or in other subsidized housing programs.

How do I apply?

To start this process, please call 754-5333, stop by during our open hours, fill out the online application below, or print a PDF application and return it to the ECHO office.

Make sure to read the Client Rights and Responsibilities and HMIS Release of Information before starting the application below.

To complete your rental assistance appointment, please compile these required documents and bring or email to ECHO 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System Consumer Notice

This agency participates in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), administered by the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA). HMIS collects basic information about participants receiving services from this agency.

HMIS collects basic information about participants receiving services from this agency in order to:

  1. Establish an accurate count of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness.
  2. Enable the coordination of services to prevent and resolve experiences of homelessness.
  3. Fulfill governmental and grant-specific reporting requirements.
  4. Identify the need to provide more or different services to end homelessness in our community.

Please view a PDF version of the notice in English or Spanish to learn more about what data is being collected.

Application for Emergency Rent Assistance

Due to limited funding, this agency has to rely on government grants to provide rental assistance. This application will screen for grant eligibility requirements.

Once you have spoken with a Client Advocate regarding your application, you may be given a Landlord Notice. Have your landlord fill out the notice, then bring it back to this agency as soon as possible. You must bring it back within 14 days or you will have to reapply.

When you bring that form back, we will schedule an appointment for you to discuss your need for rental assistance and provide documents to a caseworker.

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