Janesville Farmers Market Vouchers

NOTE: This program is not available in 2024

The Janesville and Beloit Farmers markets do accept EBT as well as WIC and Senior Market Vouchers. Please either call the market ahead of attending or when you arrive, stop at their information tent to ask any questions.

The Janesville Farmers Market is open May – October. ECHO gives out vouchers at the market June – September, as funding allows. The market is open Saturdays 8am to 1pm, but vouchers are only given out until noon to allow staff time to reimburse the vendors who accepted our vouchers. An ECHO staff member will be located at the main Farmers Market Booth.

To obtain a voucher, you must be an ECHO client and bring your yellow ECHO Proof of Residency Card to the market on Saturday. These cards expire every three months and will not be accepted after expiration. Please obtain and renew cards at the ECHO office Monday-Thursday 9-4 (close noon-1pm) & Friday 9-noon. You must have currently dated mail for each adult in your household to get a new card.

You can get ECHO Farmers Market vouchers once per month, as funding allows. The vouchers must be spent on the day they are received. If you cannot find things to purchase, please return your unused voucher to the ECHO staff member, or you may not be eligible to receive any more vouchers for the season.

The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, and you will not get change back. You can add your own money or tokens* to the vouchers. The vouchers can only be spent on: Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Honey, Fruits, or Vegetables.

*Tokens can be purchased at the main Farmer’s Market booth with your EBT (Food Stamp Quest Card). A staff member can remove dollars off of your Quest card and give you tokens to spend on food at the market. One token = $1. Tokens do not expire. You can purchase all food items except hot/prepared food.

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