PATH Outreach

The Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program serves individuals with serious mental illness, as well as individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders who are homeless.

Who we are

The Rock County PATH program is a homeless intervention and outreach program serving individuals living with a pervasive mental health diagnosis who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our goal is to assist individuals in securing housing and a stable source of income in an effort to prevent future homelessness.

Homeless Outreach

Staff seek out individuals who are homeless and residing on the streets, in camps, parks and shelters in Rock County. Supplies are brought out to the individuals as needed due to weather conditions and specific personal needs. Staff provide information on shelters and resources in the community that may provide a safer living environment.

Assessment and Engagement

Individuals are assessed for program eligibility. Qualified candidates must have a mental health diagnosis and be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The assessment would also include the conditions under which homelessness occurred.

Service Plans

Each enrolled individual will receive a comprehensive service plan that will address their specific needs. The service plan will be used as a guideline for the individual, with the assistance of PATH staff, to progress toward each specific goal.

Information and Referral

PATH staff inform individuals of community services and make the appropriate referrals based on the needs addressed in the service plan. Referrals include those made to mental health services, AODA treatment, health care, employment services, crisis centers, veteran’s services and housing services.

Case Management

PATH staff provides case management to all enrolled individuals. These services can include accompanying individuals to appointments, assistance with job and housing applications and connecting with community support programs. Case management can last up to two months once an individual secures permanent housing.


The PATH program advocates on behalf of those experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Advocacy can include obtaining needed mental and physical health services, negotiating with landlords when individuals have barriers to obtain housing, obtaining income

Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System Consumer Notice

This agency participates in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), administered by the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA). HMIS collects basic information about participants receiving services from this agency.

HMIS collects basic information about participants receiving services from this agency in order to:

  1. Establish an accurate count of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness.
  2. Enable the coordination of services to prevent and resolve experiences of homelessness.
  3. Fulfill governmental and grant-specific reporting requirements.
  4. Identify the need to provide more or different services to end homelessness in our community.

Please view a PDF version of the notice in English or Spanish to learn more about what data is being collected.

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