School Supplies

Annual distribution of school supplies

ECHO gives out school supplies to low-income families who live in Janesville. We allow people to apply mid-June to mid-August. Call the office at 754-5333 for exact dates, as it changes every year.

Eligibility & distribution

The supplies are typically given out the last Friday of August before school starts.

To receive school supplies, we require:

  1. A photo ID
  2. A currently dated (this month or last month) utility bill (Alliant, Charter, water bill), or a detailed rent receipt is acceptable.
  3. Proof of all of the household income (paystubs, disability, unemployment, child support, etc.)

* If your household has NO INCOME, please bring your food stamp benefit statement. One of the pages specifically says, “This household reported no income.”

What supplies do you offer?

We provide the basics of what kids need for school supplies. Backpacks are available, only if we have enough funding to purchase them.

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