ECHO receives some government grant funding to assist with rent payments for residents of Janesville. Rent assistance is available in emergency situations only. You must have proof of how you got behind and/or why you need assistance. This program can pay up to one month’s rent, once every twelve months. If you do not qualify for the government grants, we can sometimes use donated funds to pay your rent. Donated funds run out quickly, so we cannot guarantee a full month’s rent. You must prove that you can afford your place after ECHO helps and afford any remaining balance that ECHO can’t pay.

ECHO does help with Security Deposits, instead of rent, for Janesville residents on Section 8 or in other subsidized housing programs.

To start this process, please call 754-5333, or stop by during our open hours. Bring a currently dated piece of mail to prove your residency. We cannot guarantee anything until your appointment.